From the first time of this journey, I know that this journey shall not be easy. Slowly, I learn that there will be temptation, failure, threat, and sometimes, miserable thing. I faced it, guys, I’ve ever faced it. Life consists of many chunks of struggle, tears, weeping, but on the other side, there are joy, sacrifice, comfort, surprise in life. My life is covered, sustained, and gripped by the Unseen Hands. I can feel His hands day by days gripped me strongly, never wants to release me, and these days He said, “Your heart is Mine!” He wants me to put Him on the first place on my heart.

I faced the failure many times, miserable life many times, an so on. Trapped in the bitterness, confusion, pleasures of the world, being degraded, failure in¬†achievement, being imprisoned by people’s words. Yeah those are the taste of the life. But I can be thankful among the bad things. The Unseen Hands didn’t take me from this taste, but He walks with me through it. My friends can see the smile everyday on my face, not because I’m sanguine person and easy to smile, but I indeed have the strong power from Him. He teached me to fly higher and higher, to know His heart day by day, to fear and honor His holiness. And the most divine thing is He makes me lose myself and fill it by His being.

I realized that there’s no super or great human. We all have weakness, wandering heart, and chance to be lost. Our heart is so fragile. That’s why we have to let Him to seal our heart.

I wrote it to a friend in struggling, want to tell you that Our Lord is always good, no matter what we face. He doesn’t want you to feel the pain, never! He’s shaping you with His very heart, making you to be awesome vessel, pure gold, beautiful bride in His eyes.