Maybe, the title of the post is not related with the content, hehe. Well, I’m trying to improve my English skill, so I’m writing it in English. I hope not a lot of bad grammar here.

If you search on your dictionary, dusk means senja in Indonesian. Senja is the name of company where I work. Yes, I started to work here from end of July 2011, soon after my graduation. This company is so homy. The office buildings looks like an apartment. Unlike most people who work with formals, we usually work with casual clothing. The office hours starts from 11am until 7pm. Hmm, it’s late if we compare to other company in Indonesia. We start from 11am because we have to match the time with the company in UK. Our boss is a German. I’m employed here as a web developer. I’ve got so many experiences about web developing since I worked here.

This is my workspace. Yeah, I got 2 monitors. It makes me work easier.

The office is relatively far from anywhere. It’s located in Resor Dago Pakar, Bandung. Well, one of the furthest way is in the Resor Dago Pakar itself. We have to pass the road, up and down, like hills -__- I realize that it takes extra gasoline.

That’s my keyboard and office’s gadget. I like working here. So many gadgets, haha

There’s a weird stuff in my office. It’s a fake radish. You can see the picture below. Can you find the difference with the original radish? haha. Which one is the original stuff? Radish or orange?

When our boss was still in Indonesia, he often invited us out for lunch. Wow, I couldn’t wait if it was the day to go out, hehe. Here’s the example of the food for our lunch.

First of all, Nasi Liwet Ayam Jamur from Boemi Joglo Restaurant. It’s delicious. The second image is Nasi Timbel from The Valley. And the third one, is the best lunch ever (lebay haha), Kambing Bakar Madu :3 from Kambing Soen Restaurant. Those are the food I’ve ever tasted when my boss was in Indonesia for lunch. He invited us to go out weekly.

When we are invited to The Valley, we played golf freely, paid by my boss. That was the first time I played golf and the stick was so heavvyy. Well, I thought the golf stick is light enough before. After playing golf, there was tremor in my right hand. It has hurt for few days, huhu. There was a golf car at The Valley, and I took photo with it. Ta da!

That’s our Dusk :D

…more to come…