Day: June 22, 2010

Difference between Eastern and Western Lifestyle

Hello again..

Saya menemukan artikel dan gambar menarik dari

Gambar ini dibuat oleh Yang Liu. Baru-baru ini dia mengadakan pameran menarik mengenai budaya dan kehidupan antara kehidupan Western (barat) dan kehidupan Eastern (timur).

Biru   = Western

Merah  = Eastern

how to express yourself

the lifestyle: independent vs dependent

the attitude to punctuality: exactly on time vs 15 minutes range

people relationship: simple vs complex

feeling express: one side vs double sided

how to line up

how to think about oneself

on weekend

at party

sound in restaurant

during the travel

the standard for beauty

in front of problem


daily life of the old

the status of leader

how to treat younger

>>>more to come,,,