I miss U..
I miss U..
I miss U..
I miss U..
I miss You, LOOOORD..
as a sheep looked for its shepherd..
as a deer panteth for the water..
as a daughter missed her father..
My soul longed for You God..
No matter how far I run off from You,
You always chase after me..
so much faster..
than I can do..
When I turned to You just a little,
You just immediately ran and hugged me..
You do not accuse me when I was bad..
You do not  turn away from me when I was disobedient..
You do not counting my sins..
You are not mad at me because of my flaws..
You covered my weakness with Your strength..
You have rescued me from the vanity of life..
You have saved me from the emptiness of life..
Only You could satisfy my soul..
All my desire is You..
How I love You Lord :’D
Now I realize..
Who the Love really is..
Now I realize..
Who am I in You..
Your grace is really beyond reason..
Your unfailing love is better than the life itself..
Your mercy is better than all the things in this world..
Love You, Father..

>>>more to come,,,

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